Lexicon by Max Barry
ISBN: 978-0143125426

This was a fast, fun read. I took a second day to finish reading it, only because I can’t stay up all night anymore. It is just too punishing to go without sleep.

I was tempted, though.

Imagine a world where some people are trained in secret, nearly undetectable and almost unstoppable powers of persuasion. Imagine if you knew enough about someone, you could sort them into a category, and based on that knowledge you could easily manipulate them. Now imagine being able to segment nearly everyone by type, because so much personal information is poured out into the world through interactions online… well, crap.

That’s a bit unsettling.

And that is what is so much fun about this book, if you can call a semi-apocalyptic thriller fun. I think you can. It is probably what Barry set out to write — and it is surely what he delivered. The idea that words literally have that kind of power? Catnip for book nerds, clearly.

This is the first of Barry’s books that I’ve read, but not his first novel — fortunately there are others I can now track down. My expectations are high based on this one.

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