Hinge by Kathleen Lynch by Kathleen Lynch
ISBN: 097140853X

I don’t read much poetry, so finding a poem that I like is rare and reason enough to seek out more.

I forget now where I first read it (somewhere online, but Google is failing to help me retrieve the original pointer). I just remember wanting to read more when I came across this poem:

How to Build an Owl

  1. Decide you must.
  2. Develop deep respect
    for feather, bone, claw.
  3. Place your trembling thumb
    where the heart will be:
    for one hundred hours watch
    so you will know
    where to put the first feather.
  4. Stay awake forever.
    When the bird takes shape
    gently pry open its beak
    and whisper into it: mouse.
  5. Let it go.

The first poem in the book, “How I Got Here”, ends with the lines “I chose one./ I folded my wings / and dove in.” So, yes, it was worth seeking out the book the poem came from and spending time with more of Lynch’s work.

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