South of Broad

by Pat Conroy
ISBN: 9780385344074

This book is not my kind of thing. I’d call it a pot boiler. I know Conroy has legions of fans and sells well, and I suspect if you like one of his novels, you’ll like the others. I probably won’t bother to put this to the test.

I will say it was a fun read. I zipped through it (a sprawling 500+ pages) while on a business trip to Charleston, where the novel is set, so that gave it some added interest. Conroy seems to be in love with big groups of characters, messy friendships, and social themes. At one point it reminded me of Forrest Gump, in that I was wondering how many events/trends/themes it was going to touch — not saying this is good or bad, but after awhile, it does feel predictable. I should have seen the hurricane coming.

I’d say this is good for: business trips, long flights, or down time lounging reading sessions when you aren’t looking for anything too taxing.

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