Daniel Fights a Hurricane

by Shane Jones
ISBN: 9780143121190

The writer who brought us a war against seemingly endless February (in Light Boxes) now brings us a battle against another unlikely opponent: a hurricane.

Not that the hurricane is really Daniel’s biggest enemy (or is it?) — that has got to be his mind, and his struggle to decide what is real. Ex-wife as pretend therapist? Strangely tattooed man? A writer that reveals your feelings? A two-second dreamer? Yeah, he’s got those. Bizarre construction, unlikely pipes, living underwater in bizarre constructions made of unlikely pipes — got those, too.

The same dream-like logic at work in Light Boxes is at play here, and I’m tempted to say “even more so” because Jones makes both more sense (the world is more recognizably ours) and even less sense (the pipes, the village by the volcano) at the same time. This will either intrigue you or make you mad; if you want linear logic from your novels, don’t read this. If you want imagination and puzzling things out and unexpected pokes in the feelings, get thee to a bookstore or library post haste.

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