Destroy All Monsters

Destroy All Monsters by Greg Hrbekby Greg Hrbek
ISBN: 9780803236448

When the first story in a collection features a baby that does not suffer from severe birth defects in the way everyone seems to think becausehe obviously isn’t defective, he’s a centaur — well, you know it’s going to be interesting going.

And it is. Teen life on death row, actors in b-movie monster flicks, potential and actual suicides, a ghost that possibly isn’t a ghost but really is, a solution that is probably monstrous but possibly isn’t all figure in Hrbek’s stories. That this slim volume isn’t unbearably depressing given some of the subject matter is something of a series of small miracles. The stories are often dark, but they are not without hope of any kind. They suck you in, and even when you know it can’t end well, you need to see the end.

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