Grace (Eventually)

Grace (Eventually) by Anne LamottThoughts on Faith
by Anne Lamott
ISBN: 9781594489426

I really like Lamott’s nonfiction. (This isn’t a dig at her fiction; I haven’t read any of her novels.) I’ve read Operation Instructions, Traveling Mercies, Plan B, and possibly the most well-known, Bird by Bird. This book is the same vein as Traveling and Plan B, so if you liked those, you will probably also like this.

Lamott is still pissed off over politics, still striving to do the right thing when what she is tempted to do is get even, still sharing the struggle of raising her son who is now a teenager. The kind of laughter generated by her writing is the kind of laughing you often hear in twelve step meetings: a recognition of the crazy and how, really, once you calm down, so much of that shit is optional.

Recommended if you have a sense of humor even about important topics, a broad-minded spirituality, and an outright affection for mouthy women who say what they think. If you don’t have all these things, this book will probably make you angry, so why bother?

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