Dharma Road

by Brian Haycock
ISBN: 9781571746351

This book is a low-key introduction to basic Buddhist concepts. It’s not a primer, but a personal story of coming to practice Buddhist principles in daily life. It’s low on theory, textual references, and explicit instruction instead providing a slice of daily life view.

There’s a lot about driving a cab around Austin, Texas as that is what Haycock’s daily life consists of, and it’s a job that goes well past 9 to 5. Having recently visited Austin prior to reading the book, recognizing some of the places added to my enjoyment of the book. I don’t have a driver’s license, but I imagine drivers will identify more with the problems he describes that could, in less skillful hands, consistently lead to road rage.

You get the impression that Haycock used to be not such a great guy, dabbling too much in things that weren’t so savory or good for him, but he doesn’t go into much detail. It felt a bit like he couldn’t decide how confessional (vs objective) he wanted to be.

Because this book is written by a lay person, its a different view of Buddhist practice than in usually presented in book form. It’s an at times interesting look at how someone else, a “real person” does it.

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