Serious Drawings

(H is for Holy Crap)
by Marc Johns
ISBN: 9783832793142

I follow Marc Johns on twitter. Not because I know him or care to know what he ate for breakfast (he doesn’t generally tweet that kind of thing), but because I find it interesting to take even a little peek into the head of the guy who draws things like six people in a blue octopus, which is the drawing he posted today.

He frequently draws on sticky-notes. He uses pen and watercolor, and tends to work on small scale even when the canvas is bigger than a post-it. He’s got a quirky sense of humor. Underneath a drawing of five detached arms, he’s written “These are doll arms. They are not meant to convey some sort of morbid arty statement. They are just doll arms.” Either you think this is funny, or you don’t.

If you don’t you probably also won’t like the sixteen and eight ounce jars of holy water, the liar with his pants on fire, the multi-limbed, multi-headed, or antlered folk, or the picture of the world with the label “ingredients: mostly idiots.” If I was a nicer person, this might not tempt me to make jokes at your expense or feel a bit sorry for you.

So, yes, I quite enjoyed this book. It was the first thing that arrived from my amazon wish list this birthday/holiday season, but I would like it even if it wasn’t a present.

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