Finding Creatures & other stories

by C. June Wolf
ISBN: 9780981065809

This collection of fifteen short stories surprised me. Individual stories — the ideas in them — stayed with me in ways I didn’t expect. There’s a museum security guard who transports otherwordly spirits, a discussion of hungry ghosts, an alien crash landing in the woods, and a kid who finds an angel in the form of a horse among others, but saying that makes the stories seem louder than they are.

Wolf’s stories aren’t loud, aren’t outlandishly over the top, aren’t hard to believe in the ways the list of characters might make them seem. They also aren’t quite as riveting as the subject matter might suggest (if you are into the supernatural or extraterrestrial). They quietly go about their business, moving from the beginning to the middle to the end, and while not really being all that impressive still managed to have an influence, to get me thinking about communication or the power of wishes or what is really important about consciousness or patience.

At the beginning of each story Wolf tells us a little about the story — the germ of an idea it sprang from, or some question she was turning over. I liked this, and I’ll confess it got me to keep reading when maybe I otherwise would have put the book down. I appreciated the effort of her sharing, and it made me curious to learn how the stories played out.

So it’s a quiet book, good but not stellar, full of unusual stories that are good companions for an afternoon though their ideas are stronger than their language. If this sounds like your kind of thing, probably is.

Note: I received this book through LibraryThing Early Reviewers. That means I didn’t pay for it. Participation in LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer is not dependent on writing a positive review; writing a review is all that is expected.

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