Lost and Found

by Oliver Jeffers
ISBN: 0399245030

My copy of The Great Paper Caper still hasn’t made it to what will be its spot on the shelf, because I keep rereading it. Which is probably why, when my partner went to get me a little present because I was sick, she brought home Lost and Found.

Well, that and the penguin. And the story itself: it’s about loneliness, and connection, and undertaking arduous journeys so you can learn what is really needed, and how even if it seems obvious once you know this doesn’t bother you.

I could go on to talk about all sorts of lessons I suppose you could teach kids based on this book, but I won’t. I won’t because Jeffers isn’t the least bit preachy or smug, and I think talking about that stuff might make it seem like he is. I’ll just say as much as you want to put into the story, whether that is a little or a lot, the story will give back to you.

Also, I will admit that I love what Jeffers does with the color blue, and how he draws the boy with stick legs, and how even though his style is simple he can still make a penguin appear crushingly sad, but not so sad you can’t bear it.

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