Going Somewhere Soon

by Brian Andreas
ISBN: 0964266024

This is the third collection of story-sketches from Andreas. (I read at liked a previous volume, Mostly True.) Whimsy and knowingess seem to be Brian Andreas’s thing: many of his stories – fragments, really – manage to deliver both even though they are less than a page long. “Open Heart” is characteristic of his work:

He told me that once
he forgot himself & his
heart opened up like a
door with a loose latch
& everything fell out &
he tried for days to put
it all back in the proper
order, but finally he
gave up & left it there
in a pile & loved
everything equally.

I like the goofy sketches and the absurdity: they feel good. The recognition goes deeper with some than with others, and the best that provide magical little story moments. I sometimes wonder what they’d spin out to be if they were longer, and my musing is part of the fun and wonder in reading Andreas.

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