The Zombie Survival Guide

Complete Protection From the Living Dead
by Max Brooks
ISBN: 1400049628

I thought World War Z was absolutely brilliant. This book is good, but Z was much better — probably because the Guide is played for humor, and Z was serious. Yes, I know, zombies — but it was serious, and very well done.

The Guide is a very tongue-in-cheek. I guess it would have to be, in order to discuss the relative merits of civilians using flamethrowers. Brooks is at his best when he isn’t going over the top discussing combat methods and or building your refuge in the deep wilderness, but rather teaching readers to recognize potential zombie incidents in crime stories in the news.

If you think of zombies as inherently funny (I don’t, but I do find zombie stories interesting) you should get this book. Otherwise, you should start with World War Z. This book is unsettling when it isn’t being ridiculous, but that one is creepy and riveting all the time.

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