Robot Dreams

by Sara Varon
ISBN: 9781596431089

Varon does cute very well, without being cloying or self-conscious about it. I really enjoyed her previous book, Sweaterweather, in part for that reason. I feel the same about this one. Except this one has robots! And a dog!

There are also bunnies, a snowman, an ice cream-eating penguin, and a recycling monkey. If this still doesn’t sound interesting to you, maybe comics and graphic novels really aren’t your thing. (The book itself is well-made, with full color pages and sized like a trade paperback, so in theory you could pretend it isn’t a comic. If you are nerd-shy, it can probably be found in regular bookstores, too.)

It’s a charming story about friendship, making mistakes, connections, and trying again. If you loved Good-Bye Chunky Rice, you’ll probably enjoy this. Fans of Owly will also probably appreciate Varon’s work. If you are looking for violence or rippling muscles, you can safely move along, but if you want a dose of charm with a little bittersweet, pick up a copy.

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