Truth Serum: The Lonely Parade

by Jon Adams
ISBN: 0979387906

Imagine if an inept superhero had a misguided plan to protect small town citizens. That’s Ameriman — “He is by your side. Just from headquarters where he’s safe.” His right hand man, the real brains behind his operation? She’s called Orifist. Yes, really. Take a look at the two of them, prepping for a press conference:

Orifist: If you run into any tough questions we’ll have a feed running into your ear.

Ameriman: But that doesn’t always work. Do you remember when I accidentally used my iPod instead of the receiver you gave me?

Orifist: I do. You started singing “My Sharona” when somebody questioned you about the moral dilemmas involved in sending people to their death in order to save lives.

Ameriman: The worst part is that I didn’t even know all the words.

Adams is a bitter, funny polemicist. His drawing style, on the realistic side for comics, works to disturbing and funny effect here. If you’ve lost the ability to closely follow political news because you suffer from seething rage when you do, this is probably for you.

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