Cat Getting Out of Bag

And Other Observations
by Jeffrey Brown
ISBN: 9780811858229

Jeffrey Brown has previously published several graphic novels, mostly about the sad state of relationships. Saying that might not be fair, as I haven’t actually read them so I might be wrong — that’s my perception based on what I’ve read about them, and what I’ve heard. Honestly, they didn’t seem that appealing to me.

This one is about cats. Stereotype all you want, but I couldn’t resist, and I tried.

If you have a cat or have ever spent time with a cat, you’ll recognize the little truths Brown captures. (Unlike James Kochalka’s Peanutbutter, Brown’s cats are real.) There’s the way kitties fold themselves into legless little loaves, or their eyes grow big before they pounce, or they chew on the pen you are trying to write with, death rattle birds outside the window, be all affectionate right before they bite you, or fail to understand the word no. Pages full of funny, cute, occasionally infuriating cats — it’s a sweet book.

I liked this well enough I’m reconsidering not reading Brown’s other stuff; I’m probably missing something interesting and quirky.

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