by Tom Gauld and Simone Lia
ISBN: 0747569495

I discovered Fluffy in a comic book store a couple of year ago, and since then I’ve wondered when I might be able to get my hands on more of Simone Lia’s work. Then I found this book, put out with her partner in crime Tom Gauld.

I should warn you now: Cabanon Press, which they created to publish their works, is based in the UK so they could turn into an expensive habit. Or unrequited love. Or you could just get lucky and find them at a shop. Because you are going to want everything they do.

This book comprises First and Second, early work from the pair. Yes, see how clever and dry the wit. There’s an astronaut and a happy bunny on the cover of this fine hardcover book… really, either you are hooked now or this isn’t your cuppa.

Their work is an interesting pairing. Lia’s work is fluid, rounded, with childlike appeal. Yes, the bunny is hers… so are the talking nuts, the toast, and the arguing couples. Well, Gauld has arguing couples, too, in a way: astronauts in space, medieval castle defenders, and masked wrestlers. His work is crosshatched, angular, and (visually) darker. The differences in their styles show off each to advantage.

So, if you are lucky enough to do your comics shopping in London, or if you come across Lia and Gauld’s work in your local shop, give it a look. They mix just the right amount of bitter in with their humor, and a good balance of disappointment in with the cuteness. Highly recommended.

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