The Last Dancer

by Daniel Keys Moran
ISBN: 0553562495

After reading The Long Run early this year, I said it may be one of the best science fiction books you’ve never heard of before now. At this point, I feel confident saying this is probably true of the whole Continuing Time series.

What do you do when rebellion against an unpopular and arguably authoritarian global government is doomed to failure? What do you think when you find out the human race is descended from exiled heretics and their keepers? When you discover your long lost telepathic twin is an addict with no hope of recovery? Keys Moran’s characters struggle with these questions, among others. And as you’d expect with any good story, the answers are not obvious, easy, or comfortable. As you might not expect (but should!) many of the strong characters are women. (Trent the Uncatchable and Ralf the Wise and Powerful both appear, but the story is more about Denice Castanaveras.)

The book practically begs to be talked about in clichéd terms — space opera, compulsively page-turning, gripping, thrilling, etc. Those things are true, but the story still isn’t a cliché. It’s a great story that is hella fun to read. Highly recommended.

Note: If you liked Vernor Vinge’s A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky (with their zones of thought and epic reach) and The Peace War or Marooned in Realtime (with Bobble technology) you will probably be interested in the Continuing Time books.

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