The New Competitve Advantage in a World of More, Better, Faster
by Bill Jensen
ISBN: 0738204307

Simplicity boils down to this:

  • We need to use time differently by changing how we organize and share what we know — how we create meaning and make sense of things.
  • We need to work backwards from what people need to work smarter. Most everyone is a lot smarter than we are letting them be.

I’ve just saved you a lot of time, and, if you are a book person, a certain amount of aggravation. Jensen’s no doubt well-meant “simple” layout nearly drove me nuts: oversized type, sudden blurbs, and occasional PowerPointy cringe-inducing graphics interrupted the flow on a regular basis. I assume the point is to enable insanely busy execs to power-skim the book, but it was just too much.

The end result is that what would make for a riveting (okay, riveting if you are interested in time or knowledge management or disruptive organizational change) article becomes a bit annoying in book form. Worth reading, though.

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