Vermeer in Bosnia

by Lawrence Weschler
ISBN: 0679777407

Weschler (Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder) writes interesting and true stories. His essays are absorbing, usually contain something of the unexpected, and reflect craftsmanship. Whether or not you think you have an interest in Vermeer’s paintings, Polanski’s films, or Hockney’s polaroids, Weschler will grab you and hold you long enough to finish his story.

Vermeer in Bosnia collects bits Weschler published over the past twenty years or so, mostly in The New Yorker. In just over four hundred pages, he gets into “Oh ye of little faith” as metaphor, machine tolerances needed for obsessive furniture building, the most-hated journalist in Poland, the quality of light in Los Angeles, and belief in the Borrowers, among other things. If you appreciate odd connections, well-written nonfiction, and are open to seeing possibly familiar things in new ways, read this book. Recommended.

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