Babel, volume 1

by David B.
ISBN: 1894937783

I’d keep hearing good things about David B.’s work Epileptic (L’Ascension du Haut-Maul in the orginal French) but I could never find the beginning issues, so I wouldn’t read it. Yes, I’m one of those comics readers — if I can’t start from the beginning, I just won’t start. So when I happened across this, and I saw it was the first volume, I let myself look at it.

The combination of the artwork, featuring clean lines and amazing creatures, with the promise of mythology and dreams as subject matter is really what sold me on this comic. At a full-sized 32 pages with a heavyweight cover and full-color dustjacket, I did think $9.95 was a bit pricy. Then I considered uncertain publishing schedules and the need for translation, and thought maybe ten bucks wasn’t so bad. Another look at the red fish floating in the darkness, and the bright-eyed creatures marching along, and realized I really did need to have it.

David B. captures the magical world of a child struggling to make sense out of his reality. In these stories, the boy struggles to understand his brother’s epilepsy, unfathomable news reports, and the power of his own dreams.

I’m glad I could catch this one from the start. I understand the Epileptic issues have been released in a hardcover version, and given the strength of this volume, I’ll be looking out for that book. I’d recommend this comic to the no-flying, no-tights crowd as David B. is doing stuff here that is fantastic in that no-superpowers-needed kind of way.

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