by Sara Varon

ISBN: 1891867490

This is another well-produced, handsome-looking book: color covers and some inside pages too, good paper, the book has a solid feel. It is also cute as hell.

Varon draws with fluid, strong lines. Her animals, the little person, and the snow man are all whimsical, yet avoid being nauseatingly cute. The cat walking around with hands jammed in his pockets, when you know really he doesn’t have hands or pockets, is an example of this, and it really works. The lettering also looks nice and works well with the art: carefully (but not too carefully) hand written in normal sentence case.

There is a quirky magic to Varon’s stories. In one, a turtle and rabbit get caught out in the snow, so they both crawl inside the turtle’s shell. Another reveals the symbiotic relationship of a snowman and a hibernating bear. The book also comes with fun extras: a set of fake stamps, full-color pages that you can clip into postcards, and full-color paper dolls to cut out. The paper dolls even have “insides”: you can’t see them once they are folded in half (so they have a printed front and back) but before then you can see one has a skeleton, others have hearts, or food in their stomachs. I thought it was a nice touch: the book is full of little details like that.

This all-ages comic is highly recommend for fans of cute and quirky comics (Kochalka fans take note) and would also be good for getting younger kids interested in comics.

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