Super Flat Times

by Matthew Derby

ISBN: 0316738573

This thematically linked collection of stories is twisted, disturbing, and compulsively readable.

The stories are supposed to be recovered from victims of future atrocities; recovered by those who lived through the times and were allowed to remember them.

The future pieced together in this book is a dark one: vegetables disappear and even popsicles and chocolate are made out of meat; polluted clouds take on solid, window-scraping form; eggs are harvested; people are thrown into pits of wet concrete; races are segregated by technical and disturbing methods; wars have numbers or letters; and a whole range of behaviours, thoughts, and words just aren’t supposed to exist anymore.

What does continue to exist is the human search for love and meaning, the need to ask why, the desire for answers, and the need for values.

This collection is different, absurd, and highly recommended.

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