Inside Vineyland

by Lauren R. Weinstein

ISBN: 189186744X

When I picked up this smallish, square book with its color cover, I was surprised it only cost $5.95. (Yes, next to the price it says “insanely cheap!” — guess Weinstein really made good use of her Xeric grant.) I also noticed right away that Weinstein has a weird sense of humor.

I mean that in a good way. I too think floating demon cats are funny. So is a rundown by headshot of people you didn’t (well, mostly didn’t) sleep with in high school. Plus, there are robots. A robot story involving loneliness, paternal denial, and masturbation with electronics, even. I mean, what kind of self-respecting comics fan wouldn’t be interested in that?

Weinstein’s drawings have lots of small lines, producing a frenetic, edgy look. Rather than polished with a brush, think shaky overcaffeinated sketching. It gives her work a certain creepiness, a realness: you are getting Weinstein’s view, unvarnished.

It is a view well worth taking in: Inside Vineyland is recommended reading.

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