Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask

by Jim Munroe

ISBN: 0380810433

As you might guess from the title, this is a fun book. It is the second of Munroe’s books I’ve read (Angry Young Spaceman was my intro to his writing) but the first he wrote.

That shows a little — the first-novel-ness does. I think this is because Spaceman is really good at what it does, and Munroe got better at getting his points across within his narrative. There are times here that the narrative is a little less than smooth, because he wants to make sure we get the culture-jamming points he is making. These moments read more like education than narration. Since they fall into an otherwise interesting story, and the characters are college students or college-age for the most part, it is pretty forgiveable.

Munroe is good with the ludicrous — both the ludicrousness of being a twenty-two year old virgin with a crush on the hot waitress at the local diner and then finding out she likes you back, and the ludicrousness of turning into a fly, making things disappear, and having an alien father a baby.

Ludicrous can be fun. Flyboy and the disappear-er form the Superheroes for Social Justice, and they issue press releases explaining their actions. There are also sexual politics, twenty-something relationship negotions, and a possibly terminal illness. Munroe has a knack for making all of it seem not just plausible, but believable in his world. This makes Flyboy worth reading.

3 thoughts on “Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask

  1. We really need to stop this… I’m reading Flyboy right now, too, and Nude in Tub is on my shelf, and Empire Falls is on my desk as I type this, and so on and so on. We should start a dang bookclub!

  2. Spookiness.

    You don’t happen to shop downstairs at Harvard Bookstore, or the remainder tables at Brookline Booksmith, do you?

  3. For more spookiness, _I_ actually did buy both “Flyboy” and “Angry Young Spaceman” originally from the Brookline Booksmith… You should check out Munroe’s third and most recent book “Everyone in Silico” when you get the chance. His writing is maturing impressively, but I have to admit that it’s my copy of “Flyboy” that’s all worn out. 🙂

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