Pinky & Stinky

by James Kochalka

ISBN: 18918830295

Pinky & Stinky are pigs in space. They are also really cute. They know they are cute–in fact, they have felt persecuted for being so damn cute.

In this book (it is one story, not a collection of strips) the pigs are on a mission to Pluto. They run into problems, though. They crash land on the moon, get harrassed by human astronauts, get into a fight, and fall into an underground world where they are imprisoned. So their adventures are short on realistic logic, but long on humor and make a certain kind of internal sense.

Kochalka has a distinctive style, and if you have seen anything else he has done, you can tell right away that this is his. This is another square book with pages built on variants of four square panels, and printed in dark blue instead of black ink. He has a bold style that brings out the energy in his scenes.

This book had me laughing out loud, and I loved the pictures. More “there there” than with Monkey vs. Robot; recommended.

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