Good-Bye Chunky Rice

by Craig Thompson

ISBN: 1891830090

I loved this book; I loved “the green kid,” Chunky Rice (who is a turtle) and his beautiful, round-eyed mouse friend Dandel.

Not to say the other characters in this story weren’t interesting–because that isn’t true, the appearance of self-described Siamese twin sisters is definitely interesting–it is just that I loved the two main characters most, which is fitting I suppose because they love each other most. This story, about love and the meaning of friendship and what you remember and what you forget, doesn’t get sappy, it just gets good and quirky. There is a certain magical quality to the story, which is not quite fairy-tale like, but not exaclty un-fairy tale like, either.

The drawings are all done in black and white, with the pages being black. Thompson is inventive in the way he uses panels, perspective, and how he breaks scenes up. He creates interesting details without seeming fussy or overwhelming.

Thompson has created something unique and interesting with this book. Highly recommended.

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