Airline employees, please shut up

I do not want to hear that the plane I have been waiting to board was struck by lightning on its approach to the airport. Even if it is true.

Telling me that the engine was hit, but that there appears to only be surface damage is also unhelpful. Finally boarding the plane, only to be told that you all are still trying to determine if the plane is indeed airworthy does NOT make me feel better. I never want an airline employee — especially a pilot — to say the word airworthy to me. I don’t want to think about it, I shouldn’t have to think about it, and I want to go on believing that you won’t even step foot on a plane unless you know it’s airworthiness has been determined beyond all shadow of doubt.

I can put up with the absurdity of placing my laptop in it’s own plastic bin for x-ray, with ridiculousness of taking my shoes off, and even the ludicrous quart-sized plastic baggy of toiletries to be screen separately — just don’t make me think, even for a second, the actual mechanical safety of the plane is in doubt. I cannot bear to know it.

Also, once we are all back off the plane again, please don’t announce that you are closing down the counter and walking away in five minutes so you can go help different people (presumably, ones with a fully-functional aircraft) get to wherever it is they are going. That is just rude.

Sea lions, librarians and wifi

I’m leaving before the crack of dawn tomorrow for Internet Librarian. I’m getting to Monterey early so I’ll have enough free time to watch sea lions and go to the aquarium.

If you’re going, check out the conference wiki and use the attendee schedules page for enhanced stalking to make it easier to meet up with folks.

I’ll be part of the Web Lessons panel on Tuesday, talking about using social software to work smarter, not harder, and I listed some of the things I plan on going to on the wiki. Other than that, I’ll be soaking in the general geekiness and taking advantage of the wifi wherever I find it.

So many things in so little time

I loved being in London. Here are just some of the things we did: