My outer geek: I can see, I can see

I picked up the second of my new pair of glasses. (Yes, two pairs. If you were as blind as I am, and you had a vision plan, you wouldn’t be taking any chances either.) The first pair — the cool rimless metal every day pair — have to go back to the shop for a new right lens. Which leaves me with just the attitudinal second pair for a week.

I’d call them my “let your inner geek out” pair, only I don’t really have an inner geek, as you know if you’ve been reading this blog for more than, oh thirty seconds. I could also say they scream I’m a girl who wears glasses, dammit! but given the frequency with which I am addressed as “Sir,” I somehow don’t think that is going to be an adequate description, either. They are not cat-eye like in any way.

They are Donna Karan’s, but I swear, it was an accident. I picked them because they were funky and blue, and I’ve always wanted glasses like that, but not for an everyday pair. These won’t be an everyday pair, they’ll be my kick ass and take names don’t mess with this geek pair. Thanks to the sometimes odd and creepy nature of the web, you can even see what my frames look like on some default not-mine head.

But I Still Think Skipping the Shot Was a Good Idea

Things have been quiet for a reason over the last week: I’ve been recovering from the flu. It was a real knock-down, can’t-get-back-up affair for several days. And for people who enjoy perhaps a little too much detail — it is amazing how much spit accumulates in your mouth when swallowing is painful; we are talking exotic amounts of drool here. But I am better now. Not 100%, but vertical, and on the mend.

Posting my even resume at near-record levels in the next few weeks. Yes, really.

What The Hell I’ve Been Up To, Anyway

More of my energy has been going into book reading/reviewing and photography lately so you have no doubt noticed a longer time between posts here lately.

Well, I have, even if all two dozen of you have been too polite to say anything. But what I’m not writing (or writing) has been bugging me.

Political posts have a point (as Buffy would say, they are “entirely pointy”) yet I don’t want to just post about W’s insanity, the mistakes the U.S. is making overseas, the political campaigning, and the so-called liberal media’s lack of serious reporting on too many important issues. For one thing, other smart people are covering those beats, often with humor, already. For another thing, it gets too goddamn depressing.

I don’t want to post about work: work is web stuff for me, and there is a whole slew of sites more than adequately covering the web design, information architecture, user experience beat. Not to mention I think it is a bad idea to talk about work, especially when one likes one’s job.

Maybe I’m in the middle of one of those big-think, idea-mulling places and I can’t figure out what I want to spend my time writing about, or how I can shift the focus of my writing.

I’ve been reading more about photography and graphic design, and getting interested in collage and small-a art. I’m the proud owner of polaroid cameras now, and am figuring out how to use them. (Who knew those old pack film cameras could be so tricky?) and considering which scanner to buy. I’m feeling more settled than I think I ever have, and that is a good thing. It leaves room for bigger “now what?” questions.

Here’s to hoping I can use this space to make some progress toward answers, and to ask interesting questions.

Or at least get back to writing up the habits of unusual animals.