Feed changes – update your RSS, dear old school readers

The feed for this blog is changing to http://12frogs.com/12/feed/. Please update your feed reader if you want to keep seeing new posts.

Since not everyone is a feed reading geek, now you can subscribe via email. Sign up is over on the sidebar; you won’t get anything if you don’t confirm the subscription so check your inbox. You will get posts only; I have no nefarious plans re: your email.

radio silence

I’ll be offline until next Friday: no blogging, no twittering, no flickr, no email, no IM, no facebook. There’s this thing called a vacation, and once a year I try unplug for mine.

See you all next week (briefly) before I’m out of town again. Yay vacation!

I can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity

I’ve decided to combine my tumblelog with this blog.

You’d think the first couple of times I launched a third blog (a short-lived flash fiction site called lies.txt, and later a photoblog called spotted) only to shut it down later would’ve given me the hint that maybe maintaining three independent blogs is not the best idea for me. What can I say, I can be a bit stubborn.

For now, I’m going to leave the old blog up with a notice it isn’t active anymore, and direct the entire dozen readers I had over here. Which means that you’ll see more posts here more often, but that some of them will be very short. It will be a bit of an experiment, combining tumble-type posts with what passes for “regular” blog posts around here. Since none of the tumblelog posts had titles, I’m not exactly sure yet how I’ll work that out going forward. I might try and split out feeds, if people are really interested in that, but for now I’ll just keep everything together in the existing 12frogs feed.

I’m still going to keep my book review blog, reading notes, as its own thing — you can see the last few titles I’ve reviewed down there in the footer. Thumbnails linking to my recent photos on flickr are also there. I’m not piping all my other stuff to this blog: if you want to make sure you are comprehensively stalking me (Hi, Dad!) you can get all those links on claimID.

Yeah, I know I could be doing something with friendfeed, but I’m just not sold on it. I don’t think everyone wants one feed to rule them all for every person they know online. I mean, with some folks I read their blog, or enjoy their photos on flickr, but not both. I might care about someone’s bookmarks on del.icio.us, but not give a crap about the last song they played on last.fm — so I really don’t want all of it, all at once. I want to pick and choose. I will control the horizontal. I will control the vertical.