The big squeeze was no big deal

I got a mammogram today, and I was surprised that the whole procedure was over relatively quickly and wasn’t very uncomfortable. Since it was Halloween, the receptionist was in costume and I even got a peanutbutter cup on my way out.

I had a screening mammogram, so I wasn’t anxious and I’m not concerned that it will probably be two weeks before I get something in the mail saying everything is ok. (If everything isn’t ok — meaning that something shows up on the imaging that needs further investigation — I’ll get a call.)

Most women won’t get their first screening until 40, but since Mom was diagnosed at 41, my doctor and I decided I should get one sooner. Some sources suggest an initial screening when you are ten years younger than your close relative was when she was diagnosed, but not all sources agree, so talk to your doctor. Talk about when you should have your first mammogram more than once. You should understand the reasons for and feel comfortable with the decision. I did. As for timing, we decided not to do a mammogram at 31; I’m 35 now.

If you think you might need a screening mammogram, or if you just aren’t sure, talk to you doctor about it. It really isn’t a big deal. Make a decision before next October. You never know, there might even be candy.

The truth isn’t convenient

We saw An Inconvenient Truth today. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch the trailer now.

An Inconvenient Truth movie poster

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Updated June 5th This clip from Renew US is set fifty years in the future and looks back to the present day — what might it look like if we make the right decisions now? (Thanks to the person who emailed me the link.)