musing on data trails

delicious visualization
[delicious user tagging visualization by Kunal Anand]

Google is now offering remarketing, a service that means Google ads can follow you across the web.

Facebook plans to share general information with “pre-approved third party websites and applications” by default. Sharing (which includes friend lists) is going to be opt-out.

The systematic use of personal data systems in the monitoring or investigation of the actions or communications of one or more persons
Roger Clarke

Reaction to these two giants on the web sharing/making obvious they know things about us is causing an uproar in some circles. Yet many of us offer up what is, if you stop and think about it, a staggering amount of information.

Tara Hunt recently surveyed why (and what) people share; turns out many things are available online (home addresses, travel plans) and most who posted private stuff online (tweets from a date, photos of kids, feelings) didn’t delete it afterward — though some thought about it.

Just because something is publicly accessible doesn’t mean people want to be publicized.
danah boyd in her SXSW keynote

we feel fine screen detail
[We Feel Fine scans blogs for feelings]

How can we use all this information responsibly?
What will happen to our data trails when we’re gone?