“One drop of that could turn you all into hermit crabs”

I loved Time Bandits. It came out in 1981, and I don’t know that I’ve seen the entire thing since then. Until tonight: I’m watching the DVD as I type this. I can’t believe how much of this movie I remembered. I really did love it, and that must have burned parts of it into my little eleven year old brain’s permanent memory banks.

Just so you know, Napolean only attacked Italy because he thought they were all going to be small.

I doubt you could make a movie today featuring a gang of greedy dwarves. Not very PC. L had never seen this, and had it confused with The Ice Pirates of all things. So wrong.

See, I didn’t want to be anybody in Ice Pirates. But to be a kid falling through history, with an innate sense of right and wrong? Now that would rock. Plus the movie has giant lego blocks, dark references to suspect computer technology, and lines like “you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence.”

Concentrated evil and free will, you gotta love it.