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Adding Daily

The items I’ve boomarked using have been showing up the sidebar of this blog. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve decided to pull those links out of the sidebar and instead generate a daily blog post from them.

There are two main reasons I want to try this. One, I think it will make it easier for visitors coming from Google to find what they are looking for — I know some of them are really in search of text that appears in the sidebar now, and scrolls away from this site for good as I continue to bookmark. Two, I find the daily link postings on blogs I subscribe to quite useful to me, and feel like if I am getting good use from something, I should be offering the same thing here.

I’ve held off doing this because I don’t want to turn 12frogs into a linklong, so I knew I would be committing to write more if I did this. So not-really-secret reason number three is writing more.

The first link post should show up tomorrow morning; if it looks a bit wonky know I’ll clean it up by the end of the day. If you just can’t bear to be without my bookmarked links until then, you can see them on or grab the feed.

How I set up daily posting

I am using the inscrutable “add a new thingy” function of, which you access by logging in to your account, clicking on “settings” and then under “experimental” click on “daily blog posting.” (The path is

I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do with those boxes, so I Googled around and found How to Post Daily Links to Your Movable Type Blog. I know, I know, I use WordPress, but I figured the instructions can’t be that different. In fact, they aren’t. Here’s what you need to know to fill out they mysterious thingy:

  • job_name: It doesn’t matter, just give it a name that isn’t too fancy
  • out_name: : username for logging in to WordPress
  • out_pass: password you for logging in to WordPress
  • out_url: you are looking for the xmlrpc.php file, and it probably lives at
  • out_time: post time GMT, using 0 to 23 for hours
  • out_blog_id: probably 1, unless you are somehow running multiple blogs via one WP install, and it that case I’d suggest trial-and-error starting with 1 and going to 2 for the next blog, etc.
  • out_cat_id: login in to the WP admin panel, go to manage categories — and choose the number for the category you want to use (or create a new one and then look here for the number

When you are done, click submit. Don’t be worried by the “results:new job — nothing yet” it means it worked, and you should see your first post at the hour you set above.