These fine websites update more often than I do

Some blogs I’ve subscribed to recently:

  • Erin Fitzgerald’s Rarely Likable “a litblog for dilettantes” has linkbucket posts that are actually interesting and not just bloggy filler.
  • At I Have Become Accustomed To Rejection, writer Roxane Gay blogs about her work not getting accepted to places she sends it, but also about creepy dolls and wanting to ride a dog, and posts snapshot too, and it is really enough to make you wonder why she needs a rejection blog.
  • Frank Chimero has a blog: “Writing and ephemera related to the process of creative work. A blog about the creative act, not the artifact.”
  • Jack Cheng’s tumblr Notes to Self
  • Julien Smith’s blog in over your head. He’s the co-author (with Chris Brogan) of Trust Agents.
  • The Hey, Hot Shot! Blog says “it’s the best thing going for emerging photographers” and for folks going for the gallery world art thing, that’s probably true. I see things I otherwise wouldn’t that I often want to see more of there.
  • If I weren’t enjoying Casey A. Gollan: Notes + Links so much, I’d be bitterly envious of it.

Who are you reading?

Fimoculous recently posted a Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading list. Based on some of the blogs I’m already reading (Pruned, We Make Money Not Art, Data Mining, Pulse Laser) which are on the list, I think the ones I haven’t will be worth checking out.

Browsing the list made me wish it was easier to share OPML files. Maybe it’s just me being an info geek, but I’d like to see the feed lists of the folks I read, instead of their probably abbreviated blogrolls. Yes, I know about Share Your OPML, but it is too clunky, and while I liked Grazr better, I still didn’t have much luck in getting it to do what I wanted. When is the next generation of feed reading and sharing tools going to get here?

If you read feeds, I’m curious — do you share your OPML? Would you, if it was easy? What is the last blog you subscribed to? Leave suggestions and URLs in the comments. (Please note: too many URLs will trip my spam filter and put your comment in moderation — I’ll approve it as soon as I see it, assuming you aren’t just plugging your splog.)

I’ll even go first. Yes, I share my OPML, even though keeping it updated is a bit of a pain. The newest feed in my reader is Life on a Shirt, by Jana Eggers. She used to be my boss, and now has a new gig as CEO of a cool t-shirt company. Jana is asking some great questions, so go check it out.

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