Of course it’s organized and tagged, what do you expect from internet librarians?

I love it when conferences promote a tag ( in this case) for use across various social media because they expect geeky goodness. There is already a conference wiki, complete with a growing list of blogger attendees. Pretty woo hoo! for something that won’t happen until the end of October.

Presenter deadlines for content are well before then, though, so I have about two months to turn in my presentation for this session:

Session B204 — Web Lessons
2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Pamela Clark, Director, Corporate R&D, AIG
Pamela Gore, Technical Analyst, HP Labs Research Library
Jenny Spadafora, Community Evangelist, Innovation Lab, Intuit

Filled with tips and techniques, this session focuses on key issues for info pros dealing with library Web sites, corporate intranet sites and blogging behind the firewall. Clark provides strategies for finding information and content on corporate Web sites. Gore illustrates how a well-planned, written, and organized FAQ improved user experience and library credibility. Spadafora discusses how combining blogs, wikis, del.icio.us bookmarks, feeds, and other services using social software means working smarter, not harder.

Because the feedback was so useful when I blogged about my poster for the IA Summit, I’ll probably be subjecting you to ideas for and iterations of my presentation. Gathering input from all of you is part of my working smarter approach, you see.

(If you’ll be in Monterey in person, and your Tuesday plans allow it, I’ll see you there.)