Seeing things

I recently read Lawrence Weschler’s Everything That Rises. This means, of course, I’ve been noticing all sorts of convergences.

In my head, this post is due to reading Weschler’s book and using the visual bookmarking service we ♥ it. Looking back at the things I’d bookmarked, I started to see (imagine?) connections between the images.

Bare winter trees and the bones of the hands:

[credits: Amy Stein and Wacky Archives]


Mysterious avian and human group movements:

[credits: Andreas Weinand and Wayne Levin]


Small glowing enclosed spaces:

[credits: Paula Hayes and Mavis Yorks]


Squarish frames from wires, poles and trees:

[credits: Gene Smirnow and Ed Panar]

I’m not the first to read Weschler and blog these types of correspondences, and that is part of the fun. Things Look Like Things notices stuff like this and tells wonderful stories. (An Owl’s Dream really grabbed me.)

So I’ve been seeing things. After thinking I hadn’t seen one in years, I saw two chipmunks this past week. One was on the sidewalk across the street. Odd, because I don’t think of them as being city critters. (Then again I’ve seen a possum on my block, so Eastie may be wilder than I give it credit for.) The other I saw near the beach. Green grass is the backdrop for chipmunks, not cement or sand. It could be chipmunks were around before and I just wasn’t noticing them; at any rate I think I’m seeing them now because I was thinking about them, and because I’ve been spending time thinking about unexpected visuals. The brain and eyes are funny things that way.

What have you noticed lately? Seeing anything?