Except I Like Sock Puppets

I haven’t posted anything of a political nature lately, mostly because I’m past exasperated and I don’t enjoy high blood pressure. But this line from Crooked Timber is too good not to pass along:

“The president is a sock-puppet moron” is supposed to be a snide criticism, not an exculpatory point.

Usually you only get sock-puppet style political commentary over at Fafblog, but Fafnir, Giblets, and Medium Lobster aren’t serious. Well, other than the honor system tote bag, that they are serious about.

Well I Think it is Funny

There’s a lot I like about Christmas. We get pretty into it, decorationswise, food-wise, and, well, most of the family traditions that don’t involve going to church-wise. (Not that my mother didn’t try. She did her level best to raise me Baptist, but it just didn’t stick. For one thing, I didn’t believe the King James or New International Version Old & New Testaments were the literal truth, but that is a whole other story.)>

All this is by way of saying I found Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk’s “I’ll be your straw man” attack on Christmas hysterical.

One of the things that bugs Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk about Christmas, the 8th thing on his list of things about Christmas he’d like to see disappear, is that his daughter “is exposed to Christianity a lot this time of year.” As he explains: “I develop this irrational feeling that she has gotten some Jesus on her, and I should wipe it off. “

Which, if I’d been drinking milk at the time, would’ve made milk come out of my nose.

Yes, I know my sense of humor is not shared by everyone. Just this morning, Lisa was telling me that this infant t-shirt I saw online and insisted she look at too was disturbing, not funny. So I guess no future child of ours will be wearing a Dingo Snack! tee.