Cat blogging and its not even Friday

river in the kitchen windowsill
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There are now four of us: me, Lisa, Scully and the new cat, River.

Yes, we have an affection — some might say obsession — with cool science fiction tv chicks. (For those keeping track of particular predilections, I wanted the Scully name and Lisa named River.)

River is a self-possessed lady of five. She is a talker, as she has a tendency to squeak at us when she wants something. One of her favorite things seems to be having her (considerable, as she weighs 14 pounds) belly petted. It is hard to believe somebody left this beautiful cat at shelter.


meelo thinking

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Friday afternoon, we took Meelo to the vet. He wasn’t quite himself for a couple of days. At the vet’s office, little man had a heart attack.

The vet did what he could and it seemed like he might pull through, but then Meelo went into cardiac arrest again (it seems so strange, but they do use the same terms for pets as they do for people) so I signed the euthanasia paper.

Meelo was five, and he was well-loved.