Storytelling at work

The “new” job is less new every day — Friday marked seven months since I joined Blackbaud. (It is still awesome.)

Friday was also the first ever UX Day event at Blackbaud. It was a day filled with great talks about various aspects of user experience, and how everyone — not just practitioners — can benefit from learning more about UX principles. I was happy (and a little bit freaked out, in a good way) to be asked to give the keynote. As I was putting together my talk, here’s what I told the organizers I’d be talking about:

What can:

A Venetian boatman’s web-footed daughter,
talking animals,
Jesuits in space,
a storyteller with questionable ethics,
and a tiny red leaf

teach you about user experience?

Trust me, I’m telling you stories.

Fortunately, this worked for them and that’s the talk I got to give. I work with some really fantastic people.

If you are curious, you can grab this PDF version of my talk.