So long, and thanks for all the frogs

This blog as been carrying on in one form or another since October 2001. Probably because it started so long ago, it has been hard for me to recognize that it has stopped.

I’m going to leave this site up as an archive, in part because it always makes me a bit sad when I click through from somewhere to an old blog only to see an error message. I always wonder what happened, how it came to disappear.

This site has been many things to me over the years: a side project that saved my sanity more than once; an outlet to vent; a way to stay in touch with other geeks; and most importantly my own little place on the web, as I felt it has been important to have one.

I’m planning to have one again. Fifteen years have brought changes in perspective, and, I hope, a good bit of growth. Fifteen years also creates a hefty bit of legacy content to deal with, and starting with something new finally appeals to me more than maintaining longevity does.

Until that something new gets started, you can find me on twitter or flickr or, if you are really old-fashioned, I still read my email.

because a group of frogs is called an army because a group of frogs is called an army because a group of frogs is called an army

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