ghosts in my machine

I’ve seen too much
I know too much
I hurt too much
I feel too much
I dread too much
I dream too much
I’m caught up by the ghosts in my machine

I missed Annie Lennox’s last studio album in back in 2007, but I’m really liking Songs Of Mass Destruction. It came out a couple of years ago, but I just found “Ghosts In My Machine” and the other tracks on the album this weekend, on lala. Despite preferring to get music only as bits, I didn’t click with the service the first time around. I’m enjoying it now, because:

  • listening to an entire song I’m interested in is so much better than a short clip (the 30 second snippets happen after you’ve played it once)
  • the browsing is better than iTunes, and surprisingly faster
  • playing a whole album is possible with one click

I like the pricing model, too: 10 cents for web-only listening, then usually 99 cents to download an mp3, with credit for web payment if you did that. Most of my songs weren’t DRMed, so I moved them to lala too, letting me play my music anywhere, even on someone else’s computer. It’s no wonder Apple bought them. I hope they don’t fuck it up.

I’ve been enjoying dreck I don’t really need to buy (remember Hall & Oates?) as well as poking around and discovering new to me things. There’s a visible activity stream in lala, so anyone who wants to could see specifics about the dreck I listen to. Repeatedly. The activity stream makes plain I have obsessive quirks, as I can listen dozen of times in a day — ok fine, in a hour or so — to the same one or two songs.

Anyone else using lala? Do you have any recommendations to make?

Left to my own devices, I wind up listening to a woman who appeared with an orange crewcut and black leather eye mask on the folded paper cover of a cassette I bought twenty five years ago. And I like it.

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