These fine websites update more often than I do

Some blogs I’ve subscribed to recently:

  • Erin Fitzgerald’s Rarely Likable “a litblog for dilettantes” has linkbucket posts that are actually interesting and not just bloggy filler.
  • At I Have Become Accustomed To Rejection, writer Roxane Gay blogs about her work not getting accepted to places she sends it, but also about creepy dolls and wanting to ride a dog, and posts snapshot too, and it is really enough to make you wonder why she needs a rejection blog.
  • Frank Chimero has a blog: “Writing and ephemera related to the process of creative work. A blog about the creative act, not the artifact.”
  • Jack Cheng’s tumblr Notes to Self
  • Julien Smith’s blog in over your head. He’s the co-author (with Chris Brogan) of Trust Agents.
  • The Hey, Hot Shot! Blog says “it’s the best thing going for emerging photographers” and for folks going for the gallery world art thing, that’s probably true. I see things I otherwise wouldn’t that I often want to see more of there.
  • If I weren’t enjoying Casey A. Gollan: Notes + Links so much, I’d be bitterly envious of it.

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