You probably didn’t notice, because most of you see this in a feed reader, but I’ve spiffed things up over on the blog.

My upgrade was long overdue (I was running 2.0.something and now I’m running 2.3.2) because I tend to break things when I upgrade. I went overboard, backing up my database and all my WordPress files, and my karma was rewarded — the one I upgraded manually worked, then the Dreamhost one-click upgrades worked. So far, I think the new admin area is zippier, and I like the way tagging works.

A few plugin tweaks later, I decided a new theme would be easier to start from, so here it is. I started with Derek Powazek’s DePo Clean Theme. Reading through the comments on that post, I grabbed a widget-friendly version of the theme and figured out how to get the archives to work. Then I tweaked the CSS (link colors, mostly) and some of the templates, doing things like moving the flickr photos to the footer, taking out his hardcoded references (and putting in my own), making it work with tags instead of categories, and figuring out how to easily display six years of archives without a scrolling list. It’s not a radical change, but I like it.

Everything isn’t just the way I want it yet. While the buttonless search box works if you hit enter — and it does have a minimalist appeal — maybe I should put a button up there. My abbreviated but still important blogroll is currently MIA, and I will figure out a way to bring that back. The “Great reads” section in the footer works most irritatingly some but not all of the time. You really should scroll down, it’s neato keen when it works.

One thing I am freeing myself of is Internet Explorer support. If it works, great. If not, well, sorry but use a different browser. Or read the feed. Everything should be good with Firefox and Safari.

I still have that new notebook feeling, every time I upgrade and roll out a new design.

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