Good-bye, little blue robot

For the last few days, I haven’t taken a self portrait. Feels a little weird not to be, too — I’d been taking one every day all of last year. On New Year’s Eve, I finished up my 365 days project.

yes, I did it! (day 365)

I said when I started the project there wasn’t a compelling reason, other than seeing if I can do it and being open to what I’ll discover along the way. So, what did I learn?

I figured out new technical things, as I expected (and wanted) about my camera and about Photoshop. I became more aware of lighting. I realized that pushing for a great photo every single day would make me crazy, and that settling for plain old documenting my day so it would count was not only okay, but sometimes even fun. I learned that putting face out there — not just one time, but pretty often, enough so that people could really see me — changes things.

It’s sounds like an obvious development to me now (and maybe it should have been, considering how many years I’ve been online and writing this blog) but it still came as a surprise when people stopped by my photos and said hi. It was a surprise, and I loved it, and it gave me that warm fuzzy “I love the web” feeling every time it happened.

So I’m retiring my beloved little blue robot, which has been my icon on flickr since I opened that account, and gone on to represent me on twitter and technorati and generally any site that asks for a little square of pixels to be me.

little blue robot and me

Now I’m going to use an actual picture of me. I have enough to choose from, and see the value now in making that choice.

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