Tech stuff that isn’t on my wishlist

I don’t want an iPhone. I’m not on AT&T now, and I don’t really feel like switching. Also, the cost of data plans are appalling. Why should I pay so much more for bits slurped up by a phone? That’s crazy talk. I will admit the whole finger zooming thing is pretty damn cool, though.

I’m not joining Crackberry Nation. I don’t want to be constantly connected to my email. Not only do I need my unplugged time, but I need my “it’s reasonable not to have responded to this email yet” time. That time is so hard to get at work, why would I volunteer to give it up?

Amazon’s new Kindle reading device. I’m a book person. I love to read, and yeah, I love the whole dead trees and ink and dogeared pages and the smell of old books thing. I’m not interested in a device that would keep me from lending good reads to my friends, or that has batteries that might die before I get to the end of the story. I don’t need to carry umpteen thousand books with me when I go on a trip — I can only read one or maybe two at a time anyway. The whole e-reader thing is solving a problem I don’t have.

A giant hi-def flatscreen tv. Okay, the operative word here is giant: I don’t have room for one of those monstrosities. I’d have to drill holes in the wall and stand two rooms back to get far away enough from the screen. That wouldn’t be comfy. I suppose something well under three feet wide wouldn’t be so bad. But then I’d feel like I had to get cable, and get a tivo, and know what was on tv… I think I can just keep wait for everything to come out on Netflix.

My wishlist is pretty modest in comparison. Hint hint, birthday and holiday shoppers :)

One thought on “Tech stuff that isn’t on my wishlist

  1. It’s a good wish list, full of good books. I also am avoiding the iphone and the amazon kindle, but I do have a secret wish for a t-mobile Sidekick.

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