Sometimes you need to wander off the path to find your way

I monitor feeds to detect patterns, see how conversations are evolving, and discover sparks worth further investigation. One signal I’m picking out of the noisy web lately seems different somehow. Here’s what I’m hearing:

These links have been hanging out in my text editor for a few days, because I keep thinking this post will be difficult, messy, or just plain confusing to write. I’m not sure where I’m going with this one. There’s something in this I need to pay attention to, I realize that. Look, it’s another FGO!

Lost is too strong a word for what I’ve been feeling, it’s more like puzzled, with a side order of general anxiety. Yes, I’d like fries with that instead.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you need to wander off the path to find your way

  1. Think some of this is Winter or end-of-year blahs? I don’t have an answer to that, but I do have some thoughts on the biggest cause of fear, and possibly losing of mojo. Decisions. Here I have to admit that I’m a decision person — meaning historically I haven’t had a problem making decisions, and I’ve wondered why others have. That was until I read these two simple lines on the Latin root for decision:

    “Start with the Latin decidere. It means, literally, ‘to cut off.'”

    It came from this article… and actually that whole issue from Fortune on decisions was my favorite ever.

    What it revealed to me is that this is how many people view decisions… they are cutting off another opportunity. I’ve just never really felt that way… or maybe never dwelled in it much. I’m not sure. I’m always feeling excited about what I’m going to do and/or focused on getting whatever done that needs to be done. I don’t feel bad about what is left behind. C’est la vie, I guess.

    But, knowing this has helped me talk others through decisions, and understand the anxiety associated. Maybe this perspective will help folks the way it helped me. Hope so! :-)

  2. Jana, thank you for that link. After reading the pieces in that issue, two things really stood out for me. One was from Jim Collins on Tough Calls: “what is the key thing you can do to prepare for that uncertainty? You can have the right people with you.” The other was the line about how “If surmounting your anxieties is step one, step two is letting go of your inner perfectionist”.

    I am usually willing to make the cut, but there are still times I get caught up in thinking I need to make the cut with surgical precision. I don’t, of course. My perfectionist tendencies are just running amok, telling me to avoid outcomes where I think I’ll feel stupid, even if it means I feel stuck instead.

    Consciously considering this in terms of decisions is a big help.

    (I might have just a touch of lack of Winter blahs too, though. Where is my snow!?)

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