Sea lions, librarians and wifi

I’m leaving before the crack of dawn tomorrow for Internet Librarian. I’m getting to Monterey early so I’ll have enough free time to watch sea lions and go to the aquarium.

If you’re going, check out the conference wiki and use the attendee schedules page for enhanced stalking to make it easier to meet up with folks.

I’ll be part of the Web Lessons panel on Tuesday, talking about using social software to work smarter, not harder, and I listed some of the things I plan on going to on the wiki. Other than that, I’ll be soaking in the general geekiness and taking advantage of the wifi wherever I find it.

One thought on “Sea lions, librarians and wifi

  1. Excellent timing. I just posted a link to the course description to an instructor who was asking how web2.0 (isn’t it mostly hype?) intersects with knowledge management (is that really something it folks need to think about? it’s just databases, isn’t it?).

    Have fun in Monterey!

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