Total eclipse of the cheese

Making Light posted a link to a video of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” played on kitchen appliances by a bunch of guys who couldn’t really sing or get their pants to stay up. It was funny in an “I can’t believe somebody taped this, you really can find anything on the internet” kind of a way.

Which of course led to Lisa (I’m blaming her, she found the first link) following more links from Making Light to the original Bonnie Tyler version of the video on YouTube. After watching unintentionally hilarious neon lasso-wielding men in Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” video (wacky 80s vids are like potato chips, you can’t have just one) we saw scenes from a cartoon called Teen Titans set to the original “Eclipse” song. The Titans clip did a pretty good job of making it appear as though some of the characters were singing in sync with the music; the little Robin guy’s eyes even looked better than the extra-cheesy glowing eyes in the original video version.

Did all this violate copyright umpteen different ways? Probably. (Though the mashup video did credit both Tyler and Teen Titans.) Should the media companies whose properties are involved here crack down on this kind of thing and get YouTube to pull the clips? Hell no. As a result of this bizarre browsing, we’ve added Teen Titans to our Netflix queue.

We added it to the queue after watching Teen Titans set to “Carol of the Bells” (yes, really) but before we saw all the Netflix reviews. They contained such gems as “If you din’t like this dvd your on crack” , “It is exsiting and action packed!” and “I grew up on Battle of the Planets and He-Man, but when I watch them now, they just seem silly and pointless. This Teen Titan series really makes me feel for these characters and their struggles without being melodramatic or ridiculous.”

I’m telling you, social media gives me more reasons to love the web every day.

2 thoughts on “Total eclipse of the cheese

  1. I’m suddenly remembering seeing the trailer to “Benny and Joon”–which was set to Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” and just stunning–and then being way, way disappointed by the movie itself. But, in a fit of nostalgia that’s mostly attributable to being unable to get Season 2 of “Battlestar” and season 3 of “The L Word” and season 5 of “Alias”, we’ve been Netflixing the first seasons of “Wonder Woman” and “The Land of the Lost”, and damned if the “Teen Titans” montage doesn’t look like it has better characterization and a more coherent narrative than anything else we’ve seen lately. I say, bring it on!

  2. I’ve always like Teen Titans myself… even if I can’t get past the first minute of “Total Eclipse” – argh. Lots of good cartoons are still being made.. or at least have been made in the past few years. Invader Zim, of course. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! – if for the title alone. Avatar. Justice League and JL Unlimited. Ben 10.

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