The future is MMOW

I’ve been working on my presentation. I’m one of three folks in B204 — Web Lessons, so I probably won’t have much more than ten minutes to get across my key ideas.

Instead of minimalist but still vile powerpoint, here’s what I think I’m going to talk about in a more blog-friendly “slide” form:

Using social software
to work smarter,
not harder

Less email + more content
= better communication

You can post it,
You can fix it
= Living documents

Follow more in less time,
control the info flow
Social bookmarking:
Find + share + remember

Social software
Tagged interests and
abilities + search/browse
= find the right people

Future is MMOW
Facebook, MySpace, and
Second Life, etc. will
Massively Multiplayer
Online Work

I’ll be able to cram more information and links into the notes, but for now each blue box above is what I’ve got on one slide. I wanted to hit the major points — blogs, wikis, feeds,, social software — and end on where I think things are going — MMOW. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment or drop me an email. (I also posted about this on a behind the firewall work blog and got some great feedback.)

And yes, I really think the the future is massively multiplayer online work. It’s already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.

2 thoughts on “The future is MMOW

  1. Hi Jenny, good sheets.
    In my presentations I usually follow a similar path:
    Blogs, about conversation not about publishing
    Wikis, about collaboration and collective memory not about documents
    Delicious, about shared language not about bookmarks
    Social software, puts people and their relationships first, information/content serves as object around which these relationships (r)evolve.
    Feeds as social filtering and as the plumbing that connects the whole.

    Looking forward to that MMOW future being more evenly distributed!
    Have fun with your presentation in October.

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