chocolate, a penguin, a new bag, and more

It was opening weekend for the South End Open Market this weekend, and we picked up a few goodies:

lisa's new bag, detail

chocolate in a jar

penguin and fish

The bag place doesn’t have a website up. The chocolate sauce place does, but all you really need to know is she’ll be back at the market on June 18th and she serves up free yummy samples.

You can see more cute penguins (though not one like ours, a one of a kind made from Japanese kimono fabric) and other fat critters at The Sweetest Pea. We found the penguin at an Etsy-sponsored table — a genius idea for Etsy.

I also got a new wallet, even though spending money to get something to put the rest of my money in seems ridiculous to me. My wallet was only one or two cards away from having a George from Seinfeld type incident, so I was intrigued by the big skinny wallet. (The website marketing is a truly cringe-inducing over the top cheesefest, so I feel compelled to tell you I did not see it until just now.) But the wallet really is good:

old wallet, new wallet new wallet, old wallet

(You can’t see the white dot on the ruler in the first photo because the giant thickness of the wallet hides it.)

The hot dog and banana chocolate chip muffins weren’t around long enough to photograph.

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